Porsche Cayman/Boxster mufflers - Feedback

Brad Dunne Perth WA
I want to say a huge thanks to Tony and his team at Mako. I run a Porsche Cayman in the Sports Series in Perth and needed an upgraded exhaust system which was proving very expensive to source as most are UK / US imported and naturally very expensive. After lots of on line research I came across a local manufacturer from Sydney that had engineered a solution that provided the sound and air flow upgrades at a fraction of the cost. Tony being a Toolmaker by trade had the skills and attention to detail that ensured the modifications were conducted remained of the highest quality. In Fact I work with a number of Porsche race car engineers whom could not find any evidence of the new work as the welds were as good if not better than factory spec. The price also was a fraction of the imported systems and the turnaround was within a week. I couldn’t be happier with the exhaust system that Mako provided and by using my stock system, then engineering the upgrades, naturally the fit back was perfect. I couldn’t recommend Mako more highly and above the great result an absolute pleasure to deal with.

Custom Booster - Feedback

Luke Cassar NSW - US 1963 Futura
Hi Tony, Just want to personally thank you for all your time, patience and expertise in the custom supply of brake booster and master cylinder for US 1963 Futura. Upon starting this upgrade I was well aware of the difficulty involved due to the availability to get US parts and the problem of space on the fire wall as I wanted the stock look. From the first phone call you were very knowledgeable and helpful and I could tell you where also up for this challenged for finding the best possible solution. A few discussion on what I wanted and needed from the brakes we got started with the solution. After the first combo didn’t fit in the tight spot due to my strut brace you immediately sent another out to get the job done without question and followed it up with a few phone calls to help get the adjustment right. This resulted in an old 1963 car stopping in my opinion better than I could of imagined, I was very happy with the results to say the least. So just wanted to say thanks again Tony definitely recommend you guys to anyone after great value and service in the brake game.

BUICK Disc Brake Conversion - Feedback

Jeff Holthenrichs USA - 1969 Riviera
Tony! You beautiful Aussie Sonofabitch! The brakes are FANFU*#INGTASTIC!! I’ll say, the first 3 times I went for them tooling down my street, they just weren’t there. I had nothing. Then BOOM! They came right on as things settled. It stops so good!!! Thank you!!!!!!! I’ll be getting another set of brackets maybe next winter to have welded solid in a jig to keep from warping. But I do want them welded solid, just for safety on the track. But WOW! That othersystem is so cobbled together with mismatched parts it is a wonder they haven’t been sued. I’m spreading the word!!!!! My post about your setup on the Riviera Facebook page has gotten some good responses. I hope it pushes some business your way. I drove it again yesterday and I still can’t believe that it stops like a modern car. And I even have a high pedal!

Just drove it again finally. Had to wait about 2 weeks to fix the header gaskets. Still amazed at the braking quality!

Rod Learmonth Sydney - 1967 Riviera
Hi Tony Just got back from taking the Buick for a run to Stanwell tops. The more I drove the car the better the brakes felt. It was money and effort well spent. Should have done it years ago. Thanks to you and Greg Massey for your help, professionalism and time. Regards

Greg Massey Sydney - 1968 Riviera
Hi Tony, Just drove '68 to Bulli and back. Brakes performed really well...they pull straight from above 100k (nice change), no shudder or lock up. I have checked hose connections and can't see any weeping. I felt wheels/rims once a arrived home front and back only slightly warm. I have now done about 80miles and so far very good. Thought you might be interested.

Sway Bar Kits - General Feedback

Trevor Vrettos, VIC
Just a brief note to thank your organization for giving us the time of day and patience to solve a potential serious problem. Our Ford BF series 11 RTV tray utility developed swaying from side to side at speed due to the beefing up and raising the suspension to accommodate the so called one ton capacity that it was supposed to carry. Everyone we spoke to could not come with a solution and your company not only had the solution but made the sway bar and links to match the RTV unusual suspension and diff set up. I strongly suggest anyone who has an unusual suspension problem or requires suspension parts to contact your organisation. Again a big thankyou.k

Randy, USA
Hey Tony i just wanted to write you and let you know that the brake kit was installed pretty easily, and it works great. Those new brakes help stop the car a lot quicker, especially since I put some 22 inch wheels on the car. Thanks for everything. once I do a little body work to it and paint it I will send you some finished