Buick 4-Spot Billet Disc Brake Conversion Kit USA  

4-Spot Billet Disc Brake Conversion Kits
(63-70 Riviera, 61-70 Electra, LeSabre, Invicta and Wildcat)

Proudly Made in Australia by RRS

US Customers do not pay 10% GST (Goods and Services Tax and Currency Exchange Rate is in your favour)
Approx US$980+shipping
Please email us with your Zip Code for a quote including shipping. Also what rims you have.

For the ultimate in serious performance, this kit uses a custom-modified RRS Cobra 4 spot billet calliper. It’s absolutely the most advanced braking system available for muscle cars. The mini bridge allowing rapid heat disbursement. This brake package includes the latest Ultra Ceramic friction technology which gives ultra fast stopping power, consistent braking performance, low dust and low noise.

    • Internal cross fluid plumbing with o-ring seals, eliminates external cross lines.
    • Billet bridge allows max airflow with exceptional calliper rigidity.
    • Noise alert chirpers to warn of pad wear.
    • High grade stainless steel pin-located "Nissan Skyline" pads.
    • IMPORTANT: All replacement parts are available over the counter in the USA

    Suitable Wheels: After-market wheels 16" dia or larger have adequate calliper clearance. - Alloy wheels for the prototype kit were 16x7" American Racing.

Actual Kit price inc shipping (Nov 2nd) to US Customers excluding GST is $1,533.00 AUD
= $1,004 USD

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