Custom-Made Single Diaphram Brake Booster $485.00
Enter Vehicle Year Make and Model

Whether you're swapping to a dual master cylinder system for safety, upgrading from drums to disc brakes or upgrading your existing disc brakes, an ABR Custom-made Booster will give you the maximum benefit and stopping power. In some cases parts to repair your existing booster may no longer be available so this is an ideal option.

Explanation of this Service
We use a suitable locally available booster like PBR and modify it to suit your vehicle's firewall, pedal connection and master cylinder.

What we need to make your Custom booster
Generally, the best way is to send us your existing booster to ensure your Custom-made ABR booster will bolt right in on the firewall and have the correct length pedal to booster pin. If this is not possible the Year Make and Model of your vehicle may be enough, Sometimes measurements will help but you will need to discuss with us.

eg. A dual diaphram booster is deeper so needs more room away from the firewall.

Initially make contact with us and tell us what you've got so we can help you ascertain if it's going to be a single or dual diaphram booster for your application. This will be determined by the space you have available and your current brake set up.

Delivery: Custom-made & shipped by courier within 7-10 working days