High Torque and Replacement Starters  

High Torque and Replacement Starters For All Makes and Models

Our US supplier manufactures standard fitment high torque starters and replacement starters.

Replacement Style: Now you can replace that 22-pound OEM starter with a brand new higher torque 8-pound starter. Not only will it be easier to install, but also since it is a permanent magnet gear reduction unit it will turn the engine over faster and have less amperage draw. The solenoid sits further from the exhaust eliminating the most common failure associated with OEM units. Because it has no field windings, it will start your vehicle better under high heat conditions.

Hi-Torque Style: These starters will work on both the small block and big block engines and will mount up for both the large and small flywheels. Available in both a 1.9HP (up to 12:1 compression) and 2.7HP (up to 15:1 compression) version. The 1.9HP version is a permanent magnet style planetary gear reduction starter, has a rotatable front mounting plate, and is extremely low profile. The 2.7HP is off-set gear reduction to produce more torque. These are brand new units built to last.

Most popular models covered are: AMC, Buick, Cadillac Chevrolet, GMC, Chrysler, Ford, International, Jeep/Willys, MG, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Porsche, Triumph and VW.

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Early GM High Torque Starters Buick, Cadillac Chevrolet, GMC

These are 12 volt high torque starters made to directly replace the original Delco direct drive starters. They will provide much faster cranking and better hot starting. They will draw much less amperage also.

from $459 request price for your car
Early GM Replacement Starters Buick, Cadillac Chevrolet, GMC
These are considered a "no shim" starter, which makes for quick and easy installation. Fits applications for automatic and manual transmissions. Flywheel tooth count for Chevy and GMC vehicles using 262(4.3L), 305(5.0L), 307, 327, 350(5.7L), 396, 400(6.6L), 402, 427, 454(7.4L) engines. These starters will work with compression ratios up to 9.5:1 For higher compression engines advise us what you need. from $299 request price for your car
Early Ford High Torque and Replacement Starters

Now you can have a high torque starter for your Ford. These units are a permanent magnet starter with gear reduction and have the solenoid mounted on the starter. They will crank your engine much faster than the original OEM starters. Heat will not affect these units like the original Ford style with field windings. Recommended for engines with up to 9:1 compression. We have these starters available to fit almost all of the small block engines (A/T and M/T) and most of the big block applications. Included with the starter is a wiring kit to connect this starter with its own solenoid to your existing OEM starter relay.

from $299 request price for your car
High Performance High Torque Starters 10:1 and up    
Our brand new custom high torque starters using Nippondenso motors and solenoids to give you awesome starting power in a small package. The standard unit is 1.6HP which will handle compression ratios up to 11:1. Higher compression ratio engines can use our 1.9HP starters. If you don't see a starter you need, or would like one with more horsepower, contact us and we can most likely find a solution. from $450 request price for your car